Cool Material: August 2013: PubCakes

"While we’re not exactly the world’s greatest bakers, the recipes are simple enough that we could even handle them… while drinking." 

Urban Daddy: August 22, 2013: Cakes. Made from Beer. Hello. 

"Breaking craft beer cake news: there’s now such a thing as craft beer cake."

Business Bee: August 21, 2013: 4 Cool Kickstarter Projects You’ll Want to Back

"PubCakes combines two of our long time loves: craft beer and sweet treats. It’s a unique cupcake that’s infused with the delectable flavors of craft beer and now it’s for sale as a cake mix."

SheKnows: August 16, 2013: Beer Makes Cupcakes Even Better

"What's better than a regular cupcake? A cupcake made with beer! PubCakes are a fun way to combine two of our favorite things — beer and dessert." 

Lost at E Minor: August 15, 2013 PubCakes: Cupcakes Made from Craft Beer

"Craft beer. Cupcakes. We never thought we’d find any food that could contain both in this lifetime, but we were wrong."

ManMade DIY: August 14, 2013, Taking Dessert to the Next Level of Awesomeness: How to Make Bacon Beer Cupcakes

"Now, go drink that beer you had left in the bottle to enjoy WITH your cupcakes. Because it tastes so much better that way."

 Acres of Hope Photography: August 8, 2013, Memory & Kevin Handmade Backyard Wedding on Film

"... the cupcakes were to die for."

 San Diego City Beat: August 7, 2013, Let them eat PubCakes!

"help (re: Kickstarter) Birchall become the next Betty Crocker (or, as I prefer, Betty Crunker)"

 San Diego Reader: January 24, 2013, PubCakes Mixing Things Up

"Her plan is to take her base recipes and package them with pre-made frostings and fillings so that customers can make them at home."  

 Li’l Ms. Sueshine: May 30, 2012, Mmm Beer – PubCakes!!

“If you aren’t a beer drinker, don’t be scared to try PubCakes cupcakes… Who knows, PubCakes might turn you into a beer drinker.”

Mission Times Courier: May 24, 2012, “P” Is for PubCakes

“The concept is simple. Because every cupcake is made with a particular craft brew, the dessert is meant to be enjoyed with the same or similar beer.”

Food Arts: May 2012, PubCakes & Fonuts

“…a parade of the whimsically named cupcakes, regular and minis, are baked daily in a rotating selection of flavors like Stoned Portzilla”

San Diego Reader: April 20, 2012, A Beer Pairing Dinner Based on… Cupcakes?

“Since debuting nearly two years ago, she’s gained a cult following among craft beer enthusiasts.”

The Patriot Update: March 21, 2012, Girl Scouts: Boot Camp for Feminists

“But they remained true to themselves and eventually decided that they needed to do what they did best and bake with beer.”

Travelin’ Local: March 18, 2012, Its PubCakes for Saint Patrick’s Day Food & Festivities!

“the pretzel on top gives it its knock-your-socks-off  Coup de grâce crunchiness and saltiness that makes for its perfectly heavenly dual bite.”

Westcoaster: March 2012, Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice….

"'You’re the cupcake lady!’ they (San Diego Brewer’s Guild) exclaimed, their faces alive with happiness as they recalled sampling her Stoned Portzilla.”

Washington Post: November 10, 2011, SBA tells young people to ditch the job search and start a business

“For example, 29-year-old Misty Birchall of San Diego runs PubCakes, a bakery where the cupcakes are made with artisan beers. She’s now ready to open her first brick-and-mortar location, Johns said.”

CBS 8 – Local News: October 28, 2011, Treehouse Coffee: Roasting in La Mesa

“Craft beers usually have a complexity of flavors, so you’re going to get those flavors in your cupcake”

AAA Westways Magazine: October 2011, Desserts for Hop Heads

“In San Diego, a city acclaimed as America’s craft beer capital, baker Misty Birchall adds quality brews to cupcakes to create her decadent treats known as PubCakes”

The Daily Aztec: September 28, 2011, Shop bakes beer into sweet surprises

“With the uncanny fusion of two popular indulgences, beer and cupcakes, the creative, contemporary and talented Misty Birchall has transcended the conventional cupcake fad with the opening of her shop PubCakes.”

Daily Bruin: August 1, 2011, Anderson School of Management hosts Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities

“‘When you have an idea that no one has had before, you just want to take it and expand it,’ she (Birchall) said. ‘It’s an empowering and exciting thing, and that’s what this program does. It helps strengthen our ideas.’” July 1, 2011, San Diego’s Top Cupcakes

“Made with Guinness, Irish cream frosting and a chocolate whiskey ganache, it’s possibly one of the most flavorful, richest cupcakes you’ll ever have. I swear. Don’t knock it until you try it!”

Draft Magazine: May/June 2011, 99 Amazing Food and Beer Experiences

“Baker Misty Birchall harnesses beer in every one of her Pubcakes, like the spice-driven Top Ten Cake made with Karl Strauss Tower Ten IPA”

San Diego Sugar: May 27, 2011, Cupcakes made with Beer at PubCakes

“The combination may at first seem strange, but after sampling several different flavors, I can confidently say that not only does the combination of beer and cake work, it’s magical.”

Di Details Newsletter: April 2011, Have a Sweet Tooth? AND Like Beer?!

“Misty is big on balance and this becomes obvious when taking a bite of one of her delicious desserts.”

Meandering Eats: March 29, 2011, PubCakes and Treehouse Coffee

“The Stoned Portzilla was a million flavors going on at once, with coconut, coffee, and chocolate coming from all sides and the nice warm flavor of Stone’s porter in the background.”

Urbanist Guide: March 22, 2011, Urban Dish: PubCakes

“The best thing that happened at my first visit to Pubcakes this weekend was hearing owner Misty Birchall tell a customer, ‘Yes, we have a vegan cupcake… we also have one with bacon.’”

Ida Mae I?: February 12, 2011,Cupcake Tasting Party!

“Pubcakes: yes, please! this round’s on me!”

Ranch & Coast Magazine: February 2, 2011, PubCakes: Crafty Cupcakes

“Can cakes be made with other types of beer, and more importantly, with San Diego’s amazing beer?”

DiscoverSD: January 24, 2011,PubCakes: New Craft Beer Cupcake Craze

“Yep, your sweet tooth heard right: PubCakes is “San Diego’s first cupcakery that combines two of our favorite things on earth, beer and cupcakes.” January 20, 2011, 5 to Try: Beer+Food = Beerfood

“Pubcakes – beer infused cupcakes, enough said.”

San Diego Uptown News: November 12, 2010, Beyond the pint glass, craft beer takes over the plate

“The future has a lot in store for Pubcakes.”

Pacific Magazine: November 1, 2010, Beer Cups

“Misty Birchall is a local entrepreneur who’s turning pub crawls into cake walks. Her creations are called PubCakes, and they’re crafted using quality beers from San Diego and beyond.”

This Tasty Life: October 10, 2010, Gourmet Experience Recap – Del Mar/San Diego, CA

“They had AleSmith® Wee Heavy beer, bacon, and maple cream cheese frosting – and were SO GOOD.”

San Diego Magazine: October 6, 2010, Prickly Pears, Feta Cheese, and PubCakes

“Cupcakes and beer aren’t exactly an obvious match, but they are when you taste Misty Birchall’s creations.”

North County Times: September 30, 2010, FOOD, From cupcakes to “plonks,” new bakeries satisfying sweet tooth

“Ideally, she’d like to open a cupcake shop/beer bar to combine the two loves. But, she said, it’s really all about the beer.”

San Diego City Beat: September 15, 2010, Sweets and Treats

“Clever Misty Birchall is making a splash with her beer-and-cupcake combos.”

The Orange County Register: September 10, 2010, A hand up for disabled veteran business owners

“Because she is a disabled military veteran who pitched a business idea to the Disabled Veterans Assistance Foundation, Birchall will receive a small loan for her business called Pubcakes.”

Union Tribune: September 2, 2010, Baking with Beer

“Great combination of flavors. Moist and there’s a caramelized sweetness on top.”

KegWorks: September 2, 2010, PubCakes Makes a Business Out of Boozy Cupcakes

“It’s suggested that you pair each cupcake with the beer that’s gone into it – which is an interesting concept. One I’d like to explore, actually.”

Mutineer Magazine: August 30, 2010, PubCakes = Beer + Cupcakes FTW

“PubCakes is a new baking venture in San Diego, CA that combines two of the world’s greatest ingredients: beer and cupcakes.” August 27, 2010, WHAT’S NEW: Cupcakes Made with Beer

“With so many different to styles to choose from, dessert lovers may have to resort to the beer lover’s technique and pick up a six-pack.”

Epic Tales from Dudes Who Wear Sweet Duds: August 11, 2010, PubCakes

“If there are two things the Dudes love it’s beer and cupcakes. Put them together and voila! PubCakes!”