What about gift wrapping?

Currently, we do not offer gift wrapping as an option.


Where can I get PubCakes Craft Beer Cake Mix?

Our Craft Beer Cake Mix is available at various retail locations.  We've got an awesome list of them here. If you would like to carry our Craft Beer Cake Mix in your shop, then please contact us!


Where can I get PubCakes Craft Beer Cupcakes?

PubCakes is now focusing all of its efforts on our Craft Beer Cake Mix. Therefore, currently the cupcakes are not available. We are working to partner with a local baker so that they can be available for catering and special events. This will be updated as the details are worked out.


How do I get PubCakes at my wedding or event?

Please email us for more information regarding weddings and events. We are not currently booking weddings, but are working to partner with a local San Diego bakery to fulfill these requests with our recipes. Updates to come soon.


How much do PubCakes cost?

Individual cupcakes cost $4.00 each (or three for $10.00)
Mini cupcake four-packs cost $8.00.
$40 for 1 dozen regular cupcakes
$24 for 1 dozen mini cupcakes


Do you ship cupcakes outside of San Diego?

We do not ship our cupcakes outside of San Diego. However, our Craft Beer Cake Mix with our recipes, is available online!


Ordering Apparel

Our apparel shop is hosted by Spreadshirt.com, which means that your tshirt order will be processed separately from your pubcakes.com order and therefore will not show up in your PubCakes Cart. 

Every shirt is printed to order by Spreadshirt.  We do this so that we can offer you our awesome PubCakes shirts, but don't have to order hundreds of shirts at a time and keep them on hand.... we tend to focus on the baking and the beer drinking.  ;)


Does PubCakes have a storefront?

We do not have a storefront, but if you'd like to make cupcakes with your favorite beer, check out our Craft Beer Cake Mix!


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